About the project

It is a beautiful thing to make someone happy …
Why not a child growing up in a children’s home?

The project allows a one-off contribution for a reasonable request from a child growing up in a children’s home.

Make children happy! Help them to fulfill their dreams!

“The best way to start a new day, is to think right after waking up, whether we can make at least one person happy today.”

The aim of the project PŘÁL(A) BYCH SI is to allow a child growing up in a children’s home to spend his time enjoying his hobbies and to spend his free-time in a meaningful way.

Support  these children on their journey to achieving their dreams; help them raise their chances of being successful in their chosen field and their ability to become a successful member of society.

List of children's wishes included in the project  -  HERE

The project is directed at children of an older school age living in a children’s home in the Czech Republic. The project is to help these children to prepare for their future career or to help them spend their free time meaningfully.

Most of the children’s homes are capable, with the help of sponsors, of ensuring that the children have a problem-free life from the material point of view.
During their time at the children’s home, the children do not suffer from the material point of view, but, even so, the children’s homes cannot always ensure that all the particular needs and wishes connected with their personal development can be fulfilled. Often, because of this, children are unable to study the field that they would like to study, or are unable to join in interesting activities that they would enjoy in their free time. A children’s home does not have the means to pay the school fees for private schools, or even for boarding fees in the case that the chosen school does not lie in the area of the children’s home. Many of the schools require specialized equipment which the child must pay for from his own savings (text books, working clothes, specific working tools etc.), and for these things there is often not enough left in the budget of the children’s homes.

The situation is the same with the support for interesting activities for the children that require the purchase of equipment, so that the child is able to learn (musical instruments, sports clothes and equipment, art equipment etc.).

Some children have been through traumatic experiences, the consequence of which can be minimized by targeted individual psychotherapy.  Sadly, however, it is often not within the ability of the children’s home to provide the children with this.

If we allow the child to develop his specific talent or hobby, we are helping by this to raise his often very low self-confidence.
The possibility for the children to devote themselves to something they enjoy raises their chances of being successfully integrated into society.
If a child gets the chance to be involved in the field that fulfills him, it improves the chances of his applying in his independent life.

Under the individual links you will find the concrete wishes of individual children with a brief description of every child’s requests for the realization and fulfillment of their wishes.

For each wish there is set a total amount necessary for enabling that wish to be achieved and the amount of money that has already been collected.
In the case that the outstanding finance that is needed to reach the total is paid by two donors simultaneously, the payment that first reached the account will be used. The payment that was received later will be left on the project account and these finances will subsequently be divided for the children who have been waiting for the longest length of time for their wishes to be fulfilled.

 The wishes will be used predominantly in the following areas:

Project specifications