Welcome to the website of DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI o.p.s. (LET’S GIVE CHILDREN A CHANCE)

We provide comprehensive help for children and young people from children’s homes, especially in the last years of their stay in a children’s home, during the period of their leaving and at the start of their individual lives.
You will find more information in the individual projects of the organization.

Choose one child who you can personally support!
If you help one child, you don’t  change the world, but you can change the world for that one child!
In 8 years we have supported more than 3 000 specific children with a total amount over 34 million CZK!

We make it possible for people to support  a specific child living in a children’s home in the Czech Republic, in the form that is acceptable to them.

In all cases this means direct support of a specific child.

We are working with 41 children’s homes in all 14 regions of the Czech Republic.
We have more then 250 children included in our projects.




Vladimír Hron

Patron of the Project
„Support me…”


Lucie Benešová

Patron of the Project
„Find me…”


Bára Špotáková

Patron of the Project
„I wish…”


Jan Měšťák

Patron of the Project
„Help me start in life…”




Our projects in numbers

Since the beginning of our activities we have supported 200 children with a total amount of CZK 4 261 590 CZK in the "Support me..." project. 

Within the project "Help me start in life..." we have supported 100 students with CZK 4 700 682 and distributed 180 starter packages worth 3 251 909 CZK. 

Thanks to "I wish..." project we have fulfilled 1 856 wishes worth CZK 8 966 533.
Within the last 8 years we have also fulfilled 10 181 Christmas wishes in total amount of CZK 13 545 643. 


We run for children t-shirts SALE

As a part of the New Year's inventory we decided to organise a t-shirt sale. You can currently purchase NIKE or COLUMBIA tshirts "We run for children" for discounted price' through our eshop! Helping children looks good on everyone! :-) 


Art competition for children from children's homes

The art competition on the theme of Birthday and New Year wishes is held from 10/2/2020 to 27/3/2020 and is intended for all children and young adults living in children's home across the Czech Republic. The authors of the most beautiful or interesting pictures will receive a financial reward, while you can look forward to brand new designs in the New Year Cards catalogue

You can find out more information about the competition and the rules HERE