Everything began about 15 years ago, when I went to the children’s home in Nechanice before Christmas to put some presents under the Christmas tree for them. Whilst looking into their radiant eyes it was clear to me that this was not the end of my involvement  . . .but exactly the opposite.
I began to go there regularly several times a year, I started to organise various trips and events for them and every Christmas, thanks to the sponsors I found, I bought everyone from the home a present to go under the tree which they had wished for from “ Jesus “. During these years the little boys and girls became grown-up people, and so started another phase of my support .

Krystina left the home about 4 years ago, after she had worked as an apprentice in the field of cooking and waitressing. However, finding permament employment for her proved to be a very hard task. I managed to secure several trainee positions for her, but nothing permanent. Instead of waiting on tables it was mostly only cleaning. Later I managed to get her work in a launderette.
She was happy there, the work interested her and because she is hardworking and reliable, the employer was also satisfied with her. When she was 20 she fell pregnant and now has a beautiful 6 month-old daughter named Jasmine, of whom she takes exemplary care. But there is no father… the help she needs now consists mainly of  material support when I, partly from her resources and partly with those from my friends and acquaintances, helped furnish her flat with a washing-machine, cooker, furniture and equipment for the baby, including a pram and a cot. On a regular monthly basis I contribute to the delivery of hot lunches for her and, when it is necessary, I buy nappies and food for the little one.
Now, however, we have to find a solution to a complicated situation. The city, in fact, rents out these subsidized flats under the condition that the will be no families (or single mothers) with children there. So Krystina is now threatened with the possibility that in three months she could be out on the street . . . Another alternative is a hostel, in which 90% of the people who inhabit it are problematic, so therefore there is a terrible mess, noise and a high crime rate ... consequently a place  perfectly created for mother and child . . ! I have already tried to reach an agreement with the lady from Town Hall who in this matter has Krystina under her care, but her approach is uncompromising. She has to move. Rules are rules and nobody is interested in the fact that Krystina is very popular in this house; that nobody is bothered by the little one and that the neighbours are trying to intercede on her behalf . . .
We are trying to fight on, but how it will end I have no idea.

I am glad that an organisation like “ Let’s Give Children a Chance” exists, because finally someone is beginning to deal with specific problems of the children, whether they are from a children’s home or not. I will be pleased to become a member, because even I sometimes need their helping hand in my (“Patronage” :o).

The continuation of the story from 20.2.2012
I don’t know whether it will be a fairytale with a happy ending; many things will be up to Krystina, but I am glad that we moved things further at least a little . . . In November last year we finally managed, through the Council of the town of Hradec Králové, to find a flat for Krystina and Jasmínka and in January I could finally help them move in. Thanks to friends we sorted out the flat (we bought new lino, lights, we painted and we tidied up), we also bought the furniture that was lacking and today both girls are now living there! Even though at the beginning Krystina was afraid of her new surroundings, now she very much likes it there and I think that both girls are happy . . . Hopefully it will remain that way!
Kateřina Nemečková (private banker)