Ke spolupráci s DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI o.s. a pomoci dětem oběcně

The civic association DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI o.s. (LET’S GIVE CHILDREN A CHANCE) requested my cooperation in the closing stages of this unique project.  I really enjoyed it and I was glad to have participated in the experience of working with children and families, as well as with the non-profit  organisation itself.  I consider the project to be most beneficial and I was convinced that the women behind this civic association are building a functional tool that can help children from children’s homes on their difficult journey to a satisfying and active life.  What the project organisers achieved in a very short  timeframe pleasantly surprised me.  They were not deflected by any start-up difficulties but focused on clearly stated goals.  By their positive example and clearly defined forms of support for children from homes, they have already managed to persuade many people to give their active support.

DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI o.s. (LET’S GIVE CHILDREN A CHANCE) offers various forms of support for children from children’s homes. It tries, amongst other things, to mediate children’s stays within host families.  Every such meeting with a “normal” balanced family environment and positive perceptions, can bring to the child new emotional experiences.  It is not about giving information as to what is normal and right, but about positive experiences and what they tell us about the theory of communication:  Information informs, but only emotion and experiences persuade.  It is the same with other activities of the association: fulfilling some of their dream wishes enables the children actively to take up hobbies. The civic association will undoubtedly come up with other suggestions for the support of children.

Whoever wants to fulfill one of the significant human values “to help those weaker than myself” and is interested in supporting in some way the association’s projects, I warmly recommend it.

The projects of this non-profit organisation are a shining example of how we can effectively help children who have not been given the chance to grow up in a family environment.  The association’s founders demonstrate simultaneously the principle of positive thinking and the fulfillment of set goals in practice.  They teach us that we can all achieve – it just takes desire, knowledge and determination.

I will be pleased to assist LET’S GIVE CHILDREN A CHANCE both with organisational issues and with any family advisory services they need to help the children from the children’s home.

The company Analyse Group s.r.o. will assist LET’S GIVE CHILDREN A CHANCE o.s. in the form of consultations and by providing space for educational events.

PhDr, Ivan Skalík, PhD
Psychotherapist, Family psychotherapist, Coach