About us

We are members of AVPO, the Association of Public Benefit Organisations, which connects non-profit organizations, for whom one of the main priorities is transparency and professionalism during the execution of their public activities.

DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI o.p.s. (LET’S GIVE CHILDREN A CHANCE), is registered at the Ministry of the Interior ČR  on 8-2-2011, under the ref. no. VS/1-1/83131/11-R with headquarters at Lojovická 797/20, 142 00, Prague 4, id. No. 229038 44.

Through our projects, we help children and young people from children’s homes on their journey to independence, making it easier for them to become successful members of the society after leaving the children’s home. We are looking for supporters, patrons, friends, employers and donators for the children.
We gradually approach children’s homes from various regions of the Czech Republic and in collaboration with the management of the homes, we include children, for whom your support is necessary, in our projects.

 We always support specific children!

The concept of our projects is such that they really help those who need it. We do not want to be reliant on grants as our projects would have to adapt or change according to current grant limitations. The financial activities of our organisation are therefore primarily founded on support from individuals and legal persons.

The goal of  DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI o.p.s. is to become synonymous with providing support to a specific child from a childrens’ home that captures your interest in some way. The form of support should be acceptable from both, human and financial perspective.