The 8th Scholarship Meeting

For the first time in four years of the existence of the Scholarship Programme we organised our regular Scholarship Meeting in Moravia (a part of the Czech Republic), in Hradec nad Moravicí. The students met on Thursday at the train station in Opava, and we set off by bus in the direction of Krnov for an excursion in Kofola (an original Czech soft beverage). We were taken through the whole production process, and we found out how our popular soft drink is made. In the evening we were visited by the owner of Kofola himself, Mr. Janis Samaras who described how a successful business gets built.

The whole Friday was dedicated to the company MetLife which came to introduce the topic of financial literacy. The students had the chance to try out team work. Their presentations were brilliant.

In the afternoon Ms.Pavla Kukolová introduced the life of handicapped people to us.

The Saturday afternoon was in the spirit of sport. We visited a sport hall and played dodge ball, volleyball and football. Afterwards we had the opportunity to enjoy the hotel swimming pool and sauna in order to relax our tired bodies. Our relaxation was followed by a performance of the legislative theatre from Brno with an untraditional story about a young girl growing up in a children´s home. In the course of the performance the students could enter into the story and alter it themselves. In the evening we watched the live broadcast of the Czech Miss Contest, and afterwards we played the guitar and discussed different topics.

On Sunday we took a sunny walk to the local stunning chateau of Hradec nad Moravicí where we took a guided tour. At the end of the whole sojourn we enjoyed Italian ice-cream and a lunch at the local square. The lunch was followed by the departure in the direction of Ostrava from where all the students left for their own children´s homes.

Many thanks belong to the companies BNP Paribas and MetLife which helped us cover the costs of this Scholarship Weekend Meeting. The companies Lactalis and Bonavita donated tasty snacks to us that the students enjoyed very much. Our thanks also belong to all lecturers who dedicated their time in order to share their know-how with our students. THANK YOU!!!