Art contest for children from children's homes

From Monday 10/2 to Friday 27/3 children from children's homes across the country participated in a art competition on the theme of Birthday and New Year wishes. 

The aim of the competition was to gather pictures that will be later used by LET'S GIVE CHILDREN A CHANCE on Birthday and New Year cards. You can see some of the drawings in our last year's catalogue

Any child or young person living in one of the institutional facilities such as children's home, children's home with school etc. was allowed participate in the contest, without any limitation of age, if the conditions of the contest were met. 

We have received a lot of pictures and it was truly hard to chose just six best ones. However, we managed and you can see the winning drawings bellow.
All of the winners will receive a diploma and will be rewarded with CZK 1 000 and a USB flash drive. CONRGATULATIONS!