Bank Accounts of DDŠ

All accounts of the organisation are held at the Raiffeisenbank, a.s., at the branch Národní 9, 110 00, Praha 1.


You can support the activities of DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI o.p.s. by sending any kind of donation to the main bank account of the organisation or the bank account for public collection.

By sending any kind of financial donation to a project’s specific bank account, you can support one of the concrete projects managed by DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI o.p.s.. The donation will then be used for the administration of individual projects and the support of children participating in the individual projects.

 Donors receive on request Confirmation of receipt of gift or a Deed of Gift

In order to issue a "Confirmation of the receipt of a gift", it is necessary for the donor to provide his/her personal details, including his/her birth number, as these are required by the Financial Office.

Thank you for your support!