This project is aimed at children of an older school age and adolescents living in children’s homes in the Czech republic.

This project is the equivalent of the well-known project “Adoption at a distance”, but this time the help is not aimed at children from under-developed countries, but at children growing up, for many different reasons, in the children’s homes of the Czech Republic  -  children who are, and will be, a part of our society.

Remain in financial support to a particular child in the most difficult time of their lives - as they leave the children’s home.

The children’s homes try to make leaving the home easier for the children, but their possibilities are very limited. Officially, it is only possible to grant up to CZK 25.000, which for starting out in life, is a very low sum. Therefore we try to make this very difficult step in life a little easier, at least from the material point of view.

The project should help as many children as possible to find a Sponsor. This Sponsor puts aside a certain sum of money for the child during his stay in the children’s home, which will be at the disposition of the child on leaving the home, and will help him at the time when he has to stand on his own two feet.

The specific benefits for the children:

Project Specifications:

Contact DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI o.p.s. (LET’S GIVE CHILDREN A CHANCE) in relation to signing a contract to support a child.
In this way you become the “Sponsor” of an specific child.
On signing the contract, the Sponsor will be informed of the child’s name, of the children’s home in which they live and, in some cases, a photograph will be provided along with more detailed information about the child.

In this project the children’s homes are working with children chosen because they have a very low chance of returning to their biological families or being placed in substitute homes.
If, despite this, the child should end up being returned to his family or should be placed in foster care, the sponsor has the right to transfer the saved sum to another child involved in the project.
The aim of this financial aid is to save for the child a certain sum that will be at his disposal after leaving the children’s home, and will make the entry into independent life easier. The savings can be used, for example, for paying rent, furnishing their home, or financing further studies. It can be paid either in the form of monthly payments  -  ideal from the point of view of learning  to manage money, or it can be placed in a savings account for the child to use at a later date.
The savings remain in the custody of the organisation DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI o.p.s. (LET’S GIVE CHILDREN A CHANCE) until they are disbursed. They also have the right, after the child leaves the children’s home, to approve the purposes for which the money will be used.
This measure protects the dedicated sponsor, eliminating the possibility of the impulsive spending of money on stupidities or from using the money for unsuitable