Profil - Mgr. Bohumila Vokáčová

Mgr. Bohumila Vokáčová

Mgr. Bohumila Vokáčová
Date of Birth: 14.2.1955
Status: widow, 2 children
Address: Okružní 394, 266 01 Beroun 2
Telephone.: 603 410 370
e-mail: b.vokacova@seznam.cz

I graduated from Charles University in Prague where I studied psychology and pedagogy.
For the first decade on the professional track I dedicated myself to the field of pedagogical-psychological counselling. This was followed by work in the social sector of state administration and then by pedagogical activities at the Pedagogical faculty of Charles University in Prague and at the School of higher education of social work and law, also in Prague.
I am experienced in the area of Human resourses and occupational psychology. At present I am working as a pyschologist at a specialist pedagogical centre at a elementary school for children with behavioural and learning difficulties at Na Zlíchově in Prague 5.

For many years I have been dealing with the issues surrounding foster care during my work with foster families. I give seminars and educate workers within the caring professions.
My life-long hobby has been music. I have directed several choirs, both for children and adults and, apart from conducting, I also enjoy singing solo.
With my participation in the project “Let’s Give Children A Chance“ I would like to implement practically my conviction that institutional care is only a suitable solution in a crisis in which it’s implementation overturns the risk of either physical or psychological damage to the child. However, this measure must be followed by the kind of care that will enable the child to then return to a real world. Children need to be in contact with normal family life with all the problems, compromises, planning, financial limit and division of labour that comes with it. Children from children’s homes are unable to lean on their biological families for support, so therefore they urgently need another form of guidance at the beginning of their independent lifes.